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Cascais Penthouse

by Gavinho Architecture & Interiors 

Designed in 2015 by Gavinho Architecture & Interiors,

this luxurious penthouse apartment is located in Cascais, Portugal. 

Located in Cascais, this penthouse shares its exuberance with the infinite view of the sea of Boca do Inferno and the sculptural mountain Serra de Sintra. 

Starting from a deep architectural reconstruction of its interiors, these 995 m2 of pure luxury culminates in a house that flows between the conviviality and the privacy of spaces designed for the comfort of its inhabitants. 

In all spaces, attention to detail was essential. In the social areas, the soft color palette, the quality materials, the architectural elements such as the stone fireplace, and the ceilings cut with organic shapes stand out. 

This approach of simplicity and visual lightness extends to the rest of the penthouse. In the suites, the focus was on creating intimate and elegant environments, where stone-clad bathrooms, custom-made wardrobes, and a careful choice of furniture were essential. This harmony is extended to the indoor pool and to the various balconies overlooking the sea. 

In a perfect balance between openness and secluded areas, this penthouse expresses all its essence through its timelessness and the combination of art, design, and lifestyle. 

In Home Adore

26th May 2020

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