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48 São Julião:

The rise of a new building in downtown Lisbon

The 48 São Julião project will have a signature design by GAVINHO.

Real Estate

The historical Downtown Lisbon landscape will have a renewed face. The 48 São Julião project is going to bring to this part of town a new life. 

The building has an architectural Pombaline style and is near the core of the “Baixa” streets of the Portuguese capital and will soon become a fully renovated state-of-the-art Boutique Hotel with the signature of GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors. 

The six-story building has a new project for 19 apartments and a commercial space that respects its original structure but brings a fresh and nomadic vibe to the neighbourhood.

The photos below were taken before the project started and are the first documentation of these project memories. The features of the building inspire the architecture and interior design.

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