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50 Under 50 - Inês Gavinho 

Inês Gavinho is the Creative Director and Partner of the Lisbon-based internationally

recognized studio GAVINHO Group, which was founded in 1990 by her mother, Maria Gavinho.


Inês Gavinho is the Creative Director and Partner of the Lisbon-based internationally recognized studio GAVINHO Group, which was founded in 1990 by her mother, Maria Gavinho. Heading the company for the past 10 years and continuing the creative legacy of her family, Inês has brought an avant-garde vision and architectural approach into the practice, which turned atelier into a multidisciplinary studio with brought international expansion. 

Today the Gavinho studio is known for the strong expertise in strategic planning and execution of the work. Under the leadership of a second-generation architect Inês Gavinho, atelier includes a wide range of services for private and commercial property owners: from the real estate development to interior design, and art consultancy.  

The Gavinho studio’s distinct projects reside in such countries as Portugal, France, the United Arab Emirates, Angola, and Algeria. Among the recent studio projects can be distinguished, such as Ourique luxury co-living residential properties (Lisbon, Portugal), Legacy Residences (Cascais, Portugal), Dubai District One residence (Dubai, EAU), Azazga Villa (Algeria), and many others.  

Inês Gavinho’s artistic approach celebrates creative energy, exactness, and joyfulness. Having an academic background in fine arts and architecture, Inês Gavinho always believed that the atelier’s works, independently from the area or discipline, have to stand out and address the multiple layers of human experience. Her commitment to quality and personalization has become a signature element in each project. She masterly blends contemporary art, high-quality materials, and some architectural forms to create refined and luxurious design settings. 

“We design buildings, interiors, and landscapes, with a focus that goes far beyond the appearance of things, always putting first the way people feel in our environments,” – emphasizes Inês Gavinho in one of her interviews with the press. – Whether in new construction or renovating an existing space, we never apply the same formula to our clients. Instead, we try to create comfortable environments that meet the lifestyle and personality of those who will inhabit that space”. 

Studio’s headquarters in one of Lisbon’s main design “arteries” – Praça da Alegria, also showcases some bespoke furniture pieces, which were elaborated by Inês Gavinho for various interior design projects. A limited line of exclusive design pieces includes a collection of silk carpets, lacquered dining table, a marble-based lamp, a luxurious bed with built-in nightstands, an avant-garde bench, a cabinet, and a coffee table. Inês uses noble materials such as marble, wood, and leather to celebrate small-scale craftsmanship and preserve local heritage. The collection is designed to stand the test of time and pass on to the new generation.  

“I am a very experimental person with an alter-ego of a sculptor, – confesses Inês Gavinho. – I believe that beauty always has value; therefore, I designed pieces that combine elemental shapes and materials that age beautifully, such as silk and natural stone.” 

Among numerous national professional awards and recognitions, Inês Gavinho was recently listed as one of the “Top 30 interior designers to look out for in 2022” according to the magazine “The NYC Journal”. 

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